We Can Correctly Identify Your Problem:

Our clinic has a unique set of knowledge and tools that have been tested, researched, and found to be effective in the identification and treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Our very specific assessment helps to determine exactly which nerves are damaged and whether or not we will be able to help get them better.

We can help bring you relief!

We understand the pain and discomfort our patients are living  with and we understand that they would like another chance to enjoy life again.

Many of our patients have tried a wide variety of treatments including prescription drugs, lotions, electrical or light devices, oral supplements and vitamins.

Some of these have proven to be successful at reducing the symptoms while others have not helped or have severe and unwanted side effects associated with them.

Our treatment which involves, among other things, the use of Therapeutic Light Therapy has proven to be very effective in bringing relief to our patients. Through the amazing properties of this light energy,

  • blood circulation is increased through vasodilation and new growth of small blood vessels
  • small nerves  regain their proper function

As a result, pain is relieved, tingling and numbness resolved and balance restored.

The treatment process:

The 'wonders' of this treatment take only a short amount of time to be realized. Often within 4-5 visits patients are noticing a difference and by the end of their treatment schedule, which typically lasts 2-3 times/wk for 6-7 weeks, most patients have a very significant amount of pain/symptom relief.

Your next step:

If your life is limited by the pain and discomfort of peripheral neuropathy, you have a great opportunity to find relief. By booking a consultation, we will evaluate your condition and determine if you are a good candidate for treatment.

We will explain your treatment schedule and get you started on your road to recovery so your feet/hands can feel good again and you can once again have a restful nights sleep!

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