The Secret to Your Successful Recovery is Found in What We Do Best Everyday

Hope of being pain free. Hope of being able to run or walk or bend or play again. Hope of returning to normal everyday living. These are the hopes we bring to reality everyday by providing exceptional treatment which has led to the successful recovery of thousands of our patients.
Your body needs to be strong enough to tolerate the stresses you put on it everyday. When injuries happen, strength needs to be restored. Through our various assessment techniques, we identify our patient's weak areas and help them master exercises and movement patterns that will help them recover faster and prevent future injury.
A thorough assessment is the key to a successful recovery. Our approach with each patient, is to determine why the pain is there. We assess to determine what structure is damaged as well as which weak muscle, stiff joint, or poor movement pattern is responsible for the ongoing pain. We then use a combination of treatment techniques to help our patient's recover and return to pain free living.
When injuries happen and life changes, we guide and instruct our patients on safe and reasonable goals. We help our patients get rid of their pain--we help them get their lives back again.  We make people better!


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It is our purpose to help you, our patient, achieve your highest level of pain free performance. We will do everything within our power and ability to get you back on your feet and feeling the best that you possibly can.
Jeremy Bensler BSc.PT
Registerd Physiotherapist    Owner/Operator   

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