Arthritis and aging DO NOT have to stop you from being active!

Osteoarthritis occurs as the cartilage between our joints starts to breakdown as we age.  Often times this leads to significant and debilitating pain, causing people to stop the things they want and love to do.


There is hope and good news for arthritis sufferers...

Studies show that although there is increasing joint degeneration as we age, there is NO CORRELATION between the degree of degeneration and how much pain people have.  There are some people who on x-ray or MRI show severe degeneration but still report very little to NO PAIN.

When there is pain from arthitis, we have a solution...

Although certain anti-inflammatory drugs can be effective in reducing arthritis pain, we prefer a DRUG-FREE approach. Various modalities such as our High Power Laser, or acupuncture, or exercise can provide significant relief.  In fact, some of our greatest successes with laser treatment has been seen with reducing knee OA pain.

Let us get you MOVING again!

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