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"I went in with chronic pain in my knee and back pain,

and I came out an hour later pain free, assessed for a follow up. The Dr and staff where very kind and professional."

--SS (Registered HCA)

Great friendly staff

that will get to the root cause of your problem. Jeremy and staff know their stuff!" --ML

"Simply the best. Staff is super nice, friendly and professional.

Jeremy has been working on my many injuries for about a year and it really made all the difference - pain control, exercise, advice on managing my post-injury concerns. If you want a pro to use every treatment in existence to find what works for you - this is the place."  -YP


"A combination of osteoarthritis and nerve damage on the tops of my feet made walking an unpleasant and painful experience.

Even while resting or sleeping I would have a tight burning sensation.  On bad days, I would unwillingly have to take pain medication.  I decided to try K-Laser therapy to see if I would get any pain reduction.  On a scale of 0-10 (10 being the highest), my resting pain went to '0' mid way through the sessions.  Upon completion of the treatments my walking pain has gone from about '8.5' to '2' on the left foot and to '1' on the right foot.  This has been the most positive experience for me.  I am very happy with the results and enjoy walking again.  To anyone with chronic pain, I would recommend that they give laser therapy a try."

         --E. Tolman (Abbotsford, BC)

"The knowledge and skills of the therapists and staff are amazing!

I highly recommend them!" --AR

"When I came for treatment I had extreme pain in my feet.

I couldn't put blankets on my feet at night and I had a hard time walking. As a result of my neuropathy treatments I now have no trouble sleeping, I can walk great distances and I will be golfing again. The staff at Pro Motion are courteous, pleasant, professional and kind. The treatments have improved my life tremendously!"

--Leonard Y. (Maple Ridge, BC)


"The staff and physiotherapist are kind and knowledgeable.

 I have nothing but a positive impression from my first visit. I will definitely be going back."  -- JM

"I came to Pro Motion Physiotherapy because I had restless legs and cramps in my feet.

I had a hard time wearing dress shoes. My legs felt weak after going up and down ladders or any other excursions. As a result of treatment I am able to sleep much better and I am enjoying my golf game again! I have no more pain or restlessness. The team here is very pleasant, everyone seems to work well together. I never had to wait." -- BL


"I had pins and needles and pain in my hands and feet.

The skin on my fingertips felt very thin. The pain would wake me up and keep me awake at night. It was hard to read a book because of pain in my hands when holding the book. As a result of the treatment, I am sleeping and walking better because my feet don't hurt. My fingers feel normal. My life is so much better, it's hard to believe. I can pick up small things easier and hold my paintbrush longer. A thousand thanks!" -- GG


"My first time going to physiotherapy and did I ever get lucky finding this office.

From the booking on the phone to the receptionist to the assistant and especially the physiotherapist were fantastic. Warm greetings, a comfortable environment and a well mannered super knowledgeable physiotherapist. The best experience possible." -- SS

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