First Visit

Here are some helpful things to know before you come for your first appointment:Pro Motion Physiotherapy Clinic

Doctor's referral not required.

It is not necessary to get a doctor's referral in order to come and see us.  Often times we are able to diagnose and treat your problem without your doctor's intervention.  Sometimes we require further medical investigation such as x-ray or MRI and will inform you and/or your doctor if there appears to be a problem that requires further medical investigation.

Visit Charges

Medical Services Plan (MSP):   $35*                      $30*                  
Private: $75 $65
ICBC: N/C except for concussion N/C except for concussion
Concussion: $125 $85
Concussion Baseline Testing: Call for pricing Call for Pricing
WCB:  NOT accepting WCB NOT accepting WCB

*We can check to see if you are MSP insured.  To be MSP insured means that you are covered for physiotherapy under the Medical Services       Plan of BC.  If your combined household gross income is less than $28 000 for the year, BC Medical will pay a portion of the visit charge for 10 visits to any of the following: physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, podiatry.

 Other Helpful Tips:

  • Bring your doctor's referral if you have one.  It's not necessary but may be helpful in narrowing down the area we need to focus our treatment on.
  • Bring/wear comfortable clothing.  It is best if it allows easy exposure of the injured area.
  • Prepare to spend a full hour with us.  You will receive a comprehensive evaluation and treatment on your first visit.
  • Download and fill out your intake forms before you arrive.  You can download the form here.