Do you have persistent muscular or myofascial pain?

Dry Needling, also known as IMS (Intra-Muscular Stimulation) could be the solution you've been looking for!

Dry needling can be extremely effective

for relaxing overactive muscles which contain trigger points.

In simple terms, the treatment involves placing a needle into a muscle's trigger points, which causes them to relax, which allows for increased mobility and often times an immediate and significant reduction in pain.

Dry needling differs from acupuncture in several ways.

Although they use the same needles, dry needling (IMS) aims for trigger points in the knotted muscles whereas acupuncture
aims for specific points based on the meridian system. Dry needling is used for orthopedic complaints (muscle aches and pains) whereas acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from pain to high blood pressure, digestive problems, anxiety, flu, infertility, etc.

This technique has been a 'GAME CHANGER' for many of our patients!

You owe it to yourself to give it a try!

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