Pro Motion Physiotherapy — A Certified Complete Concussion Management Clinic

In August 2014 Pro Motion Physiotherapy became a certified Complete Concussion Management Clinic, joining a nationwide group of clinics dedicated to offering the highest level of concussion care to athletes of all ages.  As part of this commitment we have implemented and now offer cutting edge baseline concussion testing and research-based “Return-to-Learn” and Return-to-Play protocols. These programs are designed to work in conjunction with each athlete’s school, teachers, parents, trainers, coaches, and family doctors. 

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What is a Concussion?

According to the most recent Zurich consensus statement, a concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) as it is sometimes called, is a complex process affecting the brain induced by biomechanical forces. The forces that they are referring to are acceleration or impulse forces delivered to the brain. Concussions cause a temporary dysfunction in the involved nerves, where they don’t work properly for a period of time and may cause any one, or more, of the following signs or symptoms:

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The Necessity of Baseline Testing

The first, and by far the most important, step in properly managing concussions actually comes before the injury even happens--before the season even starts!

Under the current medical guidelines for a concussion injury, return-to-play decisions are made using a ‘symptom-based’ approach.  However, medical research has repeatedly shown that following a concussion, symptoms are actually the first thing to resolve despite continued deficits in the individuals baseline neurocognitive functioning, balance, reaction time, visual tracking etc. 

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Truth About Online-Testing

Baseline testing should be repeated at least once per year and should involve more than just online/computer-based neurocognitive testing.  Medical research has repeatedly demonstrated online or computer-based testing to be insufficient on it’s own.  Several studies have shown, and several world-wide consensus statements have concluded, that by themselves, online testing may over-estimate recovery and send players back into harms way . It is important to off-set online testing with a full protocol of physical and in-person baseline neurological testing (see section on 'The necessity of baseline testing').

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